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Joseph Cheer lectures in the School of Languages, Literatures, Cultures and Linguistics, Monash University and directs the Australia & International Tourism Research Unit. He is a board member of the International Geographical Union (IGU) Commission on Tourism, Leisure & Global Change. Joseph examines the relationship between tourism, economic, environmental and social-ecological resilience. He has published in Annals of Tourism Research; Tourism Geographies and Tourism Planning & Development, among others.

His recent books include Tourism Resilience and Adaptation to Environmental Change and Tourism Resilience and Sustainability: Adapting to Social, Political and Economic Change (with Alan Lew; Routledge). He is co-editor of Modern Day Slavery and Orphanage Tourism (with Leigh Mathews) and Overtourism: Excesses, Discontents and Measures in Travel and Tourism (CABI).

For Joseph, the links between tourism and the SDGs are underpinned by social-ecological resilience and the development of adaptive capacities in host communities. He is most interested in the overarching question of to what extent does tourism privilege host communities?  More broadly, he looks at the extent to which supply and demand sides of tourism influence the achievement of SDG ambitions.

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