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A Movono
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Dr Apisalome Movono’s research on tourism’s social and economic impacts on indigenous Fijian communities has established his passion for examining issues that affect indigenous Fijian communities. He recently resumed his tenure at the University of the South Pacific (USP) after completing his PhD at Griffith University. His PhD research drew on postmodernist techniques and sought to improve our understanding of resilience, sustainable livelihoods and tourism development amongst indigenous Fijian communities. Apisalome is the co-founder of the Laucala Beach Sustainability Society which works for the restoration and protection of the Laucala Beach Ring-Ditch Fortification site.

Api has authored a number of conference papers, book chapters and journal articles and was recently awarded an East-West Centre Fellowship. The pursuit of attaining the SDGs is well embedded in his research interests and translates into the work he does. He has the pleasure of working for the people of the South Pacific and his commitment to his region involves researching and promoting development that is fair, resilient and sustainable for his people and generations to come. His work seeks to create understanding about Pacific Islands people and to find solutions and long-term strategies for the many challenges Pacific Islanders face.

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