The Tourism4SDGs19 has six streams:

Stream 1: People

The People Stream encompasses all issues associated with moving towards a healthy, vibrant and equal society. This includes ensuring no poverty (SDG1), zero hunger (SDG2), good health and well-being (SDG3), quality education (SDG4) and gender equality (SDG5).

Stream 2: Prosperity

The Prosperity Stream looks at the challenging goals of ensuring economic well-being for all. Herein, decent work and inclusive economic growth (SDG8) is central. This can be supported through the availability of affordable and clean energy (SDG7), building resilient infrastructure, promoting sustainable industrialisation and fostering innovation (SDG9). Building safe, inclusive and sustainable human settlements is also important (SDG11). Underpinning all the prosperity goals is the premise of reducing inequalities within and among countries (SDG10).

Stream 3: Planet

The Planet Stream is primarily concerned with SDGs that focus on safeguarding our planet’s natural environment. Availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all (SDG6), more responsible consumption and production (SDG12) and combating as well as preparing for anthropogenic climate change (SDG13) are predominant challenges. Underlying these are the urgent goals to protect, restore and manage more sustainably life below water (SDG14) and on land (SDG15).

 Stream 4: Peace & Partnerships

The Peace & Partnership Stream includes the key goals to promoting peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development. This includes justice for all and building effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels (SDG16) and institutions working together in global partnerships (SDG17).

Stream 5: Cross-Cutting SDGs

Contributions about tourism-related topics that relate to a range of SDGs, rather than fitting into just one of the proposed streams, can be submitted to the Cross-Cutting SDGs Stream. We welcome contributions that take holistic approaches and new angles to discuss the multiple relationships between tourism and sustainable development.

Stream 6: Tourism Education/Pedagogy

The Tourism Education/Pedagogy stream is concerned both with Quality Education (SDG 4 (in particular SDG4.7)) and also with linking tourism education and the SDGs more broadly in terms of how educators engender students’ critical thinking skills and responsibility in relation to ethical and contemporary global tourism issues through curricula. We welcome theoretical and practical-oriented contributions that address curriculum and pedagogical matters relating to the role of tourism education in cultivating effective learning environments for raising awareness of, and engaging students in and with, the SDGs.​

Submission of abstracts closed on 28 September 2018.


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