Tourism4SDGs19 delegates challenged to co-create social media content

As social media is all about co-creation, #Tourism4SDGs19 delegates are invited to be part of a big social media splash this week. The conference social media competition will run from 12.00pm on Tuesday 22nd January to 12.00pm Friday 25th January. A winner and runners-up will be announced during the closing session.

To be in the running for a prize, participants should mail to the conference organiser by the lunch break on Friday 25th January, a file that contains:

  • A PDF print of all posts on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, or other social media platforms, blogs, personal web pages, etc.
  • Average daily and total number of posts
  • Posts that tag BOTH the conference or any of the following sponsors – CABI, Journal of Sustainable Tourism or BulkSMS – will be considered for the total number of posts
  • Social media metrics per post, e.g. likes, shares, reports, number of comments

Let the social media conversation begin!

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