Journal of Sustainable Tourism sponsors Tourism4SDGs19 reception

The Journal of Sustainable Tourism today announced its sponsorship of a reception on the first evening of the Tourism and the Sustainable Development Goals Conference 2019. Hosted by the Institute of Development Studies at Massey University, the conference (Tourism4SDGs19) is to take place on 24 and 25 January 2019 at Massey’s Auckland campus.

The Journal of Sustainable Tourism (JOST) is a leading tourism journal which advances critical understanding of the relationships between tourism and sustainable development. It publishes theoretical, conceptual and empirical research that explores one or more of the economic, social, cultural, political, organisational or environmental aspects of the subject.  With a 3.329 impact factor in 2017, JOST is one of the highest cited journals in the fields of Tourism, Leisure, Hospitality & Sports as well as Green & Sustainable Science & Technology. JOST is ranked A* by the Australian Business Deans Council and 3 by the UK Association of Business Schools Journal.

According to Professor James Higham, co-editor of JOST “It is clear that the United Nations SDGs point us in the direction of transformation, as do global agreements such as the Paris Climate Accord (2015). It is critical that governments respond and align to the SDGs. We must transform our societies to give expression to the SDGs, and it is fascinating to contemplate the role that tourism will play in that transformation, and how tourism itself will be transformed in response to the SDGs. The Journal of Sustainable Tourism has strongly encouraged submissions that are clearly aligned to one or more of the seventeen SDGs. The journal has a wide readership that reaches across academic, industry, government and policy communities, and we are delighted to be a sponsor of the Tourism and the Sustainable Development Conference 2019 (Tourism4SDGs19). This conference looms at a critical moment in the transformation signalled by the United Nations SDGs, and the debates engaged during the conference and its outcomes are much anticipated. 

Professor Regina Scheyvens, Conference convenor and Professor of Development Studies at Massey University says:  “We are excited to be in partnership with JOST for the purposes of our Tourism and the SDGs conference, as JoST consistently publishes articles which break new ground in terms of research into more sustainable forms of tourism development“.

The Institute of Development Studies at Massey University plan to select papers from the conference for a special edition of JOST.

There are 2 days left to submit an abstract and be part of this opportunity.  The Call for Papers closes on Friday, 28 September 2018.  Visit the website for information about the conference and follow #Tourism4SDGs19 and @Tourism4SDGS for announcements.

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Cover Facebook SDGs ConferenceFor more information or interviews contact:
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Professor Regina Scheyvens
Heidi van der Watt
Tel: + 64 21 238 4295

Journal of Sustainable Tourism
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Professor Xavier Font

1 Comment

  1. M. Ismail Khan says:

    Dear Conference Organisers:
    I want submit a proposal reg China, Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) on the ecologicaly significant region of Giligit-Baltistan – home to world’s greatest alpine glaciers outside the poles and high mountains incl K2-world’s second highest peak. With a population of abt 2 milllion and spanning an area the size of Ireland, Gilgit-Baltistan bordering with China, India, Pakistan and Afghanistan is home to unique array of floura and founa which need sustain use and conservation policies to withstand the pressure being brought by CPEC’s trade and industrial activities.

    Pl let me know if you would like me to submit the detail proposal after the closing date. I just saw the information reg the conference.

    Best regards, ismail
    M.Ismail Khan
    Tourism specialist


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